Wednesday, 6:05 PM. IO (Injera-Obsessed) group meeting, Silver Spring Library, meeting room 3. Yoseph: Hello everyone. Thank you for coming. Room: Collective shuffling, nodding and hushed “hello”s. Yoseph: I see our regulars – great job on the consistency guys – and some new faces. Our group is growing. For our newcomers, just a quick intro. […]

Addis dear, These days, we dare to fall into each other and in love despite our knowledge that our time together will be brief, predefined and premeasured. Our reunions are seldom born on a whim or from careless abandon. Not for an un-grim reason or no reason at all, anyway. We have grown to appreciate […]

Vignettes from the days rebel groups took hold of Addis Ababa, overthrowing the Marxist Derg and ending the Ethiopian Civil War in May of 1991. True to the memories of my six-year-old self and not in any particular or chronological order. No light. No electricity. No running water. Candlelight. We each carried our own personal […]

I was assured that it would take very little work on my part to learn the English language, that my young brain would simply absorb it through the process of osmosis, adsorption or saturation. Not only would I learn it, but I would speak it with a tongue lacking any evidence of having known or spoken […]

In the languid afternoons at home after school, or on the weekends, while doing homework at the dining table or playing in our quiet and enclosed back yard, my sister and I would hear the call of visitors–the shrill of the doorbell or loud banging of the tin gate–and perk up in excitement. She ten […]

Within the context of race and identity, the experience of the African immigrant in America is a unique one. I am black, and a minority, in America. At the base of the “American” part of my Ethiopian-American identity, are these two facts. This understanding seeped in slowly, subtly and over a long period of time. A […]

The notion of home for diaspora is seldom a simple or singular one. For me, home is here, where dark asphalt lined with bright yellow lines, paved concrete sidewalks and freshly mowed front lawns abound. Lawns, driveways, doors, and windows visible to all passersby, unobstructed by metal gates or brick walls. Such defenses are often […]